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대학원생 및 연구원 모집

울산과기원 (유니스트) FIND 실험실에서는 석사, 박사과정 대학원생 혹은 연구원, 박사후 연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.
선발된 학생에게는 학위기간동안 장학금과 생활비가 지급됩니다. 재료공학, 물리학, 화학, 전자공학, 화학공학 전공의 학생이나 그외의 전공이라도 본 연구실에 관심이 있는 분은 언제든지 아래의 연락처로 연락하시기 바랍니다.

권순용 (부교수)
울산과학기술원 (UNIST)
Email: sykwon@unist.ac.kr
Tel: (office) +82-52-217-2312

Group Mission
· FIND leads in the design and synthesis of frontier low-dimensional (0D,1D,2D) nanomaterials with atomic-level controllability to make innovative applications possible.

Group Members
· Principal Investigator: Dr. Soon-Yong Kwon
· Research Professor:  Dr. Jinsung Kwak                          
· Ph.D. Course:  Mr. Hyung Duk Yun   
                         Ms. Se-Yang Kim (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Yongsu Jo (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Do Hee Lee  (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Ms. Yeoseon Sim (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Seunguk Song (Ms/Ph.D Combined)
                         Mr. Shi-Hyun Seok (Ms/Ph.D Combined)    
· Alumni:          Dr. Jinsung Kwak (2013.2, Ph.D)
                        Dr. Jae-Kyung Choi (2015.8, Ph.D)
                        Dr. Jae Hwan Chu (2016.2, Ph.D)
                        Mr. Tae-Yang Kwon (2014.2, Ms.)
                        Mr. Go-Myoung Bae (2015.2, Ms.)
                        Mr. Jong Hwa Lee (2017.2, Ms.) 
                        Dr. Jae-Hoon Huh (2015.3, URS Fellow)
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Research Interests

Research Keywords: Epitaxy, Nanocoating, Thin Film Technology & Surface/Interface Science

"Semiconductor Epitaxy, van der Waals Epitaxy, Functional Nanocoating, 0D/1D/2D Functional Nanomaterials" for Potential Applications in Flexible Optoelectronics, Photovoltaics, and Energy Devices

Facile Synthesis of Graphene and Graphene-Based Functional Materials
- Low temperature synthesis of transfer-free graphene films on semiconducting, insulating & flexible susbtrates.
- Synthesis of graphene films using solid, liquid and gaseous carbon feedstocks
- Investigation on growth mechanism and structural/electrical properties of epitaxial graphene by in-situ variable temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and ultrahigh vacuum chemical vapor depostion
- Fabrication of graphene-based nanomaterials and hybrid structures

Nanostructured, Compound Semiconductor-Based Optoelectronics
- Growth of quantum structures such as quantum dots and nanowires by chemical vapor deposition and study on their optoelectronic/electronic properties
- Fabrication of optoelectronic devices using quantum structures (LEDs, LDs, photovoltaics, etc.)

Phase Change Materials and Solar Cell Materials, etc.


Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (2005.8.)
Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering

· Thesis supervised by Professor Euijoon Yoon in the field of III-Nitride compound semiconductors
· Dissertation: Growth of In-rich InGaN/GaN quantum well structures using growth interruption and their structural and optical properties

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (2001.2.)
M.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering
· Thesis supervised by Professor Euijoon Yoon in the field of III-Nitride compound semiconductors
· Dissertation: Analysis of structural and interfacial properties of AlGaN/GaN multi-quantum well (MQW)

Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1999.2.)
B.S. degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Work Experiences

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Korea (2008.11.-present)
Associate/Assistant Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98105, USA (2015.7.-2016.7.)
Visiting Scholar, Department of Physics

· Project: 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
· Host: Professor Xiaodong Xu

University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, California 90095, USA (2007.6.-2008.9.)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

· Projects: Heteroepitaxial Graphene on Pd (111) and 6H-SiC (0001) by in-situ VT-STM and UHV-CVD
                Growth Studies of Sputter-Deposited GexSb1-x Thin Films for Memory Applications
· Work in Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
· Work with Professor Suneel Kodambaka

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, USA (2005.12.-2007.5.)
Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Electrical Engineering

· Project: AlGaInN Optoelectronics for White Lightening by MOCVD
· Work with Professor Jung Han

Publications & Patents

1 Book Chapter on International Book on Optoelectronic Semiconductor Devices
Hyun Jin Kim, Soon-Yong Kwon, and Euijoon Yoon, “Chapter 6. Growth of nitride quantum dots”, Optoelectronic Devices: III-V Nitrides, edited by M. Henini and M. Razeghi, Elsevier (2004.12.).

More Than 70 International Refereed Journals on Applied Physics, Materials Science, and Semiconductors (selected) ( __: FIND member, ‡: equally contributed, *: corresponding author)
· J. Kwak‡, Y. Jo‡, S.-D. Park‡, N.Y. Kim, S.-Y. Kim, H.-J. Shin, Z. Lee, S.Y. Kim*, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Oxidation behavior of graphene-coated copper at intrinsic graphene defects of different origins", Nature Communications  8, 1549 (2017).
· S.-Y. Kim‡,  J. Kwak‡,  J.H. Kim, J.-U. Lee, Y. Jo, S.Y. Kim, H. Cheong, Z. Lee, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Substantial improvements of long-term stability in encapsulation-free WS2 using highly interacting graphene substrate", 2D Materials  4, 011007 (2017).
· J.H. ChuD.H. Lee, J. Jo, S.Y. Kim, J.-W. Yoo*, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Highly conductive and environmentally stable organic transparent electrodes laminated with graphene", Advanced Functional Materials  26, 7234-7243 (2016).
- Featured as Journal Inside Back Cover Article (Vol.26, Issue:40)
· H. Seo, H.D. YunS.-Y. Kwon, I.C. Bang*, "Hybrid graphene and single-walled carbon nanotube films for enhanced phase-change heat transfer", Nano Letters 16, 932-938 (2016).
· H.D. Yun‡, J. Kwak‡, S.-Y. Kim, H. Seo, I.C. Bang, S.Y. Kim, S. Kang, S.-Y. Kwon*, "High performance all-carbon composite transparent electrodes containing unifrom carbon nanotube networks", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 675, 37-45 (2016).
· S.-Y. Kim, J. Kwak, J.H. Chu, J.B. Kim, S.Y. Kim, K. Park, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Controllable synthesis of graphene encapsulated low-dimensional nanocomposites", Advanced Materials Interfaces 2, 1500112 (2015).
- Featured as Journal Cover Article (Vol.2, Issue:11)
· J.-K. Choi, J. Kwak, S.-D. Park, H.D. Yun, S.-Y. Kim, M. Jung, S.Y. Kim, K. Park, S. Kang, S.-D. Kim, D.-Y. Park, D.-S. Lee, S.-K. Hong, H.-J. Shin*, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Growth of wrinkle-free graphene on texture-controlled platinum films and thermal-assisted transfer of large-scale patterned graphene", ACS Nano 9, 679-686 (2015).
- Highlighted in Media and Newspapers
· J.-H. Huh, S.H. Kim, J.H. Chu, S.Y. Kim, J.H. Kim*, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Enhancement of seawater corrosion resistance in copper using acetone-derived graphene coating", Nanoscale 6, 4379-4386 (2014).
· J.H. Chu J. Kwak, S.-D. Kim, M.J. Lee, J.J. Kim, S.-D. Park, J.-K. Choi, G.H. Ryu, K. Park, S.Y. Kim, J.H. Kim, Z. Lee, Y.-W. Kim, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Monolithic graphene oxide sheets with controllable composition", Nature Communications 5, 3383 (2014).
- Highlighted in Media and Newspapers
· D.T. Ho, S.-D. Park, S.-Y. Kwon, K. Park, S.Y. Kim*, "Negative Poisson's ratios in metal nanoplates", Nature Communications 5, 3255 (2014).
- Highlighted in Media and Newspapers
· J.-K. Choi, J.-H. Huh, S.-D. Kim, D. Moon, D. Yoon, K.S. Joo, J. Kwak, J.-H. Chu, S.Y. Kim, K. Park, Y.-W. Kim, E. Yoon, H. Cheong, S.-Y. Kwon*, "One-step graphene coating of heteroepitaxial GaN films", Nanotechnology 23, 435603 (2012).
 - Featured in Semiconductor Today 7(9), 74-75 (2012) etc.
· J.H. Chu, J. Kwak, T.-Y. Kwon, S.-D. Park, H. Go, S.Y. Kim, K. Park, S. Kang, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Facile synthesis of few layer graphene with a controllable thickness using rapid thermal annealing", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4, 1777-1782 (2012).
· J. Kwak, J.H. Chu, J.-K. Choi, S.-D. Park, H. Go, S.Y. Kim, K. Park, S.-D. Kim, Y.-W. Kim, E. Yoon, S. Kodambaka, S.-Y. Kwon*, "Near room-temperature synthesis of transfer-free graphene films", Nature Communications 3, 645 (2012).
  - Featured in Nature 483, S32-S33 (2012), Materials Research Society (MRS) News etc.
  - Press releases in Nature Communications (24 Jan 2012).
  - Highlighted in Media and Newspapers
· S.-Y. Kwon, C. V. Ciobanu, V. Petrova, V. B. Shenoy, J. Bareno, V. Gambin, I. Petrov, S. Kodambaka*, "Growth of semiconducting graphene on palladium", Nano Letters 9, 3985-3990 (2009).

More than 40 Patents (selected) (*: corresponding inventor)
· S.-Y. Kwon*, S.Y. Kim, K. Park. J. Kwak, J.H. Chu, J.-K. Choi, "Wrinkle-free graphene sheet, transparent electrode, active layer including the same, display, electronic device, optoelectronic device, battery, solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cell including the electrode or active layer", PCT/KR2011/005xxx
· S.-Y. Kwon*, K. Park, E. Yoon, J. Kwak, "Method for manufacturing graphene, transparent electrode and active layer comprising the same, and display, electronic device, optoelectronic device, battery, solar cell and dye-sensitized solar cell including the electrode and the active layer",  PCT/KR2011/001xxx
· E. Yoon*, S.-Y. Kwon, P. Moon, "Growth method of nitride semiconductor layer and light emitting device using the growth method", PCT publication number: WO/2006/016731; US application number: 10/596126 (2006.05.31.), JP application number: 2006-545225(2006.06.16.), DE application number: 11 2004 002 804.3 (2006.08.18.)

Courses Taught at UNIST (in English)
· Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering (2009 Spring, 2009 Fall, 2010 Spring (two sections), 2011 Spring, 2012 Fall, 2013 Fall, 2014 Spring, MSE202 for undergraduates)
· Thin Film Technology (2011 Fall, 2012 Winter, 2013 Winter, 2014 Fall, 2015 Spring, 2016 Fall, 2017 Spring, AMS351 for undergraduates)
· The Materials Science of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials (2017 Fall, AMS49701 for undergraduates)
· Materials Laboratory (2013 Spring, 2014 Spring, 2015 Spring for undergraduates)
· Advanced Thin Film Technology (2009 Fall, 2010 Fall, AME501 for graduates)
· Light Emitting Diode (2011 Spring, 2012 Fall, 2013 Fall, 2014 Fall, 2016 Fall, 2017 Fall AME531 for graduates)

Community Services
· Track Coordinator, Materials Science and Engineering Track, UNIST (2011.3.-2014.3)
· Committee of Journal of Photonic Science and Technology
· Session co-organizer (Graphene and Carbon Nanomaterials), The 18th American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE 2011)
· Committee Member, The 16th International Conference on Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (ICMOVPE 2012)
· Sub-committee Member (Materials Growth & Characterizations), The 19-24th Korean Conference on Semiconductors (KCS 2012-2017)
· Co-organizer, International Conference for Top and Emerging Materials Scientists (IC-TEMS 2014)
· Session co-organizer (Optical Metamaterials & Novel Optical Materials(14th), Multifunctional Composites & Metamaterials(15th)), The 14,15th International Union of Materials Research Societies-International Conference on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICAM 2015, 2016)
· Board Member of Korea Society of Optoelectronics
· Fellow of Korean Vacuum Society,
· Member of American Vacuum Society
· Member of Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, Korean Ceramic Society, Korean Physical Society

Honors & Awards
· Poster Paper Award (Gold Medal), Nano Korea 2015
· Outstanding Poster Paper Award, Korean Information Display Society 2014
· Best Research Award, Society of LEDs and solid-state lighting 2013
· Best Poster Paper Award, Korean Physical Society 2012
· Best Teaching Award, UNIST 2009 Fall
· Excellence in Teaching Award, UNIST MAME 2009 Fall
· Overseas Postdoctoral Fellowship, Korea Research Foundation 2005
· Seoul Nat’l University Graduate Student Awards in Materials Research 2004